Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Holy, Smokes! It's a zip jacket day. Whhaaaa??

Sitting here camped by the computer with a sleeping dog warming my toesies, I am battling with torturous efforts to stave off a nap. A handful of chocolate doves and the amazingness of open windows will just have to hold me over as Gabey is out of school in about 20 minutes. I know, my life is hard.

Today is the fall I had been waiting for. I have been pretending and celebrating that it was already here but let's get real... we were still rocking shorts and tanks most days. But today. Why, I had soup and wore long sleeves. I subbed out all the kids summer clothes and bought a pumpkin while out with Lu.

Lord knows we haven't bought ANY pumpkins, yet.

heehee. Go Rangers!

Ok. So we have a million. But, really... what's one more pumpkin?

While Molly's skeptical, I feel confident in my purchase.

Here's to a chicken pot pie, afternoon in the breeze sort of day. Man, is it needed. I have so much to catch up on the ole' bloggity blog. More to come soon.

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