Monday, October 3, 2011


Today has been a struggle to balance out the intensity of the weekend. Some days are just off like that. It continues to press down on us a little but not for my lack of efforts. Our day is an ambiance of open windows, lemonade candles and fresh laundry. I don't know what it is about a can of pledge--- but how can all that lemony goodness not lighten your heart a little? It's gradually taking affect. And that... well, that feels pretty big.

Let's talk a minute about this concept of big, shall we?

Because this guy has some pretty unique perspectives on big.

Lunch under an umbrella table is a must when the weather is a sunny coolness and your mood feels a bit cloudy. It can open a window to your soul. Gabriel and I had some mighty fine discussions regarding our favorite musical artists throughout our Pandora infused, umbrella dining. At one point we were discussing the previous band known as Owen. Age appropriate, no? Gabe had some thoughts on this.

1. Is Owen a boy or a girl? to which I responded a boy--- but for awhile it was a couple of boys.

2. Is Owen a little boy or a BIG boy? He was really excited to hear he was big. So of course he followed with...

3. So, Owen's a daddy then. I really didn't know. Looooongggg pause for Gabe. Distracted by a bird for a couple minutes... and then....

Being big is really special. When you are big --- you can turn on every light by yourself. No stools. When it's dark, you reach up and make the light come on.

Such a simple concept yet exactly what my sleepy-eyed, weary heart needed to hear.

Lunching with littles on some big ideas. Who needs pledge.


Max said...

Oh sweetheart, those are some tired eyes. I wish I could teleport you to the beach, so you could get some rest! I love you!

Tiffany said...

LOVE Gabe's quote :)