Sunday, October 30, 2011


Whoa, buddy. I am just coming off what I am sure is the best weekend I have had in a really really really long time. Did I say really? 'Cause I meant it. Pretty amazing considering last weekend was quite wonderful too. I haven't even had a chance to blog about it. I am digging this awesome weekend trend and really hope it is here to stay. I mean I haven't even been on facebook in two whole days. Whhhaaa...

Oh, this post is going to be such a little tease. Sorry, for that friends... but when you have a glass of wine, visit with the hubby and a vat of LOVE DIP waiting for you (seriously, my most favorite and if you weren't lazy like me you could even make it at home!!)... blogs get jilted.

What a week of change this is going to be! Starting a new job, the blog's all amovin' to a new domain (get ready to change those blogrolls!) annnnnnnd we get a holiday on a Monday. Fist pump. Ha. I'm lame.

Oh, I sooooo can't wait to catch you up on our past two weekends of fun with some big specials of mine...

Our Rapunzel

Crazy Pascal

And of course, our little golden flower (believe me, the costume is worth the wait! Come back tomorrow night!) 
 I know. Such a tease.

I'll leave you with perhaps the best little chuckle I had this evening all by my lonesome. I love stumbling upon a great candid moment. And this one, still makes me smile.

I mean, I couldn't have found a better representation for our phase of living if I tried.

Attractive grown men in silly costumes, beers in hands, manly man talkin' Rugby/Sales/Baseball kinda stuff all the while gathered around an empty pack n' play.

Catch you on the flip! Have a spppppooookkky start to your day, friends.


Sweet Carolina Grace said...

That last picture - hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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