Friday, October 14, 2011


On a quiet moment of nothing during some ordinary October day it happened. For all our anticipation, it arrived without banjos, parades or fireworks. Typical, really. And yet now, there is absolutely NO way we are giving it up.

Hear that summer? We loved you and your pink lemonade skies, outdoor musical programming and plethora of poolside fun. Unfortunately--- you had this really UGLY inferno jacket that just wrapped around us all of for 90 loooooooooong days. So, it is with a smile that we rush into the colorful leaves, hot chocolate promising, footballs in the air feeling of Fall.

We've been marked.
Looking back, there was a gradual appearance. My albums shifted. Poolside pictures were gradually replaced with other outside activities. Taken in the hottest part of the day. Not sweating. Strange.

We had new activities and a whole house worth of decorating fun.

 And the daily drive, windows down as my son reminds me each morning, "To feel the fall on our face"? Um... who needs fireworks?

Quite frankly, you gave us something much better.

You've marked us, Fall-- for sure.
 P.S. you're pretty stinkin' fun. So how bouts' you stay and play a while?

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