Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Half a year.

This morning started out all "Happy happy to you. Happy happy to you..." for one special little 6-month- old!

Let me tell you. This gal wasn't the least bit excited about her special day.
All the added attention and half birthday song singing just for her... Well. She ATE.IT.UP.

Speaking of eating. Can you guess the biggest milestone of this past month?

 Mmm. hmmm. Our little lady is a eating machine. She will eat ANYTHING you put in front of her. Right now avocado, oatmeal, squash and pears rank highest on the list.
This sudden arrival of refreshing fall weather has made for some fantastic patio eating. What's not to love about dinner under an umbrella?
And Missy Independent and her full time sitting. Oh, that is sooooo 5 months.
 Lucy, this month you are showing us so much more of your sassy little personality. Your feet still continue to take residence at almost all times in your mouth. You have the crawling backwards down but now you are up on all fours, rocking and making some sllllloooooowww progression forward. Take your time, it's a lot time coordinate. Now that the weather is cooler, we hit up parks almost daily and man are you a sucker for that swing! I keep worrying you are going to throw up from swinging so much but you haven't. Yet. You are sleeping pretty good through the night but you have now decided 4am is the best time to try and sneak a feeding in. Stinker!

 Lucy this month you traveled to Dallas, celebrated both Mommy and Daddy's birthdays, visited the fire station, had several of your OWN baby playdates and partied late at neighborhood night out.

Height: 25.5 in. (50%)
Weight: 15.15 lb (40%)
Head: 42.5 (75%)

Happy half-a-year, Lucy! 


sarah said...

soooo sweet, shes so cute julie!! cannot believe shes getting so big!

Joanna said...

Happy half-birthday, Lucy! You're such a cutie!!