Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fastest. Four. Months. Ever.

I always say around Halloween that in a few days we will blink and it will be New Years. Gosh, this year felt no different.

Our sweet, Annie. FOUR MONTHS OLD!

Weight: 11 lb 9 oz. - 3%
Height: 22.5 inches - 1%
Head: 39.9 - 28%

This little peanut has had quite a fun month of holiday travel, play dates with friends, and LOTS and LOTS of tummy time. There has been a lot of effort to build up that upper body pre-surgery, round out the flat spots of her head and work on some key milestones.

Like rolling! Check. Annie now rolls front to back always and a few times from back to front. Lucy sure likes to help out and flip her over when I'm not looking. If only Lucy knew the amount of pestering that will be handed back to her in the years to come. 

Tummy time has become a group event.

 Still the ever snuzzler...

and ultimate lover of bath time.

Annie even weathered her first true polar vortex this month... right on the weekend we were supposed to be camping. Eek! We will save that milestone for the spring!

Such a growing girl. This month, Annie continues to stretch her sleeping longer in the night. A couple 7 hr stretches. Whoohoo. She now has a really consistent three naps a day schedule and continues to be able to sleep absolutely anywhere! The ever fan of the boob, she continues to give Kelly a run for his money on the nights I work. She screams her opinions on bottles and then eventually gives in to it. She'll get the hang of it one day! Secretly, I love that she still loves to snuggle me most at bedtime. 

Annie's surgery date is scheduled for February 2nd. We have pre-op the week before and will know all the details then. We know for certain we will be one to two nights in the hospital while they monitor her swelling and pain levels with the spica cast. After that we should be cleared to go home. For right now, I am reading up and trying to prepare for everything we will need. I have a bunch more to learn in the month and a half to come. 

Here's a little video to show you what we are in for with those diaper changes...

Savoring every little day with those free and kicking tootsies.

We will be travelling to Dallas again for Annie's first Christmas. I pretty confident Santa will be stopping by Nonnie's house for our sweet girl. She is hopeful for some new toys, a mobile and her very own pillow pet! Santa has her list for sure!

Such an exciting month to come!

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