Friday, December 12, 2008


You know a day has been completely unfortunate when the biggest highlight is really just the dream of a potential shower. It doesn't even have to happen... just the fact that it MIGHT happen is about the only motivator to muscle through the moment at hand.
What a 24 hours. After several hours of waiting yesterday in FREEZING cold conditions the diagnosis came. We needed a new radiator. So, that was fun news to hear. Hooray for renting. We rarely get to boast about that. I have to say I think our current radiator might have been a little relieved. It just looked tired and sad. So it was off to my mom's for slumber party number 2.
We really did make the most of it though. I ran to the hospital really quickly to get some work that HAD to be completed while Kelly transported the crew to Nonnie's. Dinner, bath and bed went pretty smoothly. I think that it might have been the waking to someone throwing up on you that didn't go over so well. Yep. Pretty sure that might have been when it all headed south.
I think that we were at eruption #7 when the repairman called with the good news: he could meet us in 45 minutes with the new radiator. This would have been great except that BOTH kids were actually asleep and I was just about to have my highly coveted shower. Such a loss. Luckily, my Dad took Gabe for the morning. Sweet sicky and I braved the cold of home. I don't think it is ever a good sign when you can see your breath in your own home. COLD.

I have survived two moments in my life when I have been pushed just about to the point of cracking. Today might have been moment number three.

I will paint you a picture:

Imagine a LOT of luggage (okay really a ridiculous amount of luggage for just two nights away). In the process of unloading it outside (where it was warmer than inside), Molly looks at me with a very telling look. You guessed it... and it went everywhere (even on the inside of my zip jacket). We walk into the house where 5 grown men are putting in the new radiator. It was a zoo. This is where the cracking almost occurs. It is at this moment that I am informed that this radiator party is moving to the attic. The only entrance to the attic is in Molly's closet. Unfortunately, ALL of our Christmas presents for the kids have been living in that part of the closet. ALL OF THEM. So here is how it went.

Molly sits ,bundled up in her heavy coat, on her window seat facing away from the closet with her throw up bowl in between her legs counting the crows in the yard while I frantically moved the Christmas presents to the other side of the closet. Please keep in the mind that the goo inside the zip jacket is still there. It was ummm...nice. We'll go with nice.

An hour an half later the heat came. Molly has temporarily ceased with the tummy troubles and is dealing with another heat issue. Thank the lord for Motrin. I do know that we will get through today but I have to tell you... this might just be the best shower of my life...once I actually get one.

Think good thoughts for us!!!

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