Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Time Of Giving Thanks

These past couple days, I have been thinking about all the things that have changed over the past year. It has been a really busy year. I can't believe that Thanksgiving has now come and gone...although, I am super excited about the holiday season- I feel a little bit in shock at how fast time is moving. Remember when you were younger and weekends seemed to last forever? When it seemed like you have enough time after school to ride your bike, play with your friends, eat dinner and watch your favorite TV show? Has time really sped up or more our perspective changed?

This year I have celebrated so many beautiful weddings. I have so many more this next year to come. I can't wait. I have shared in the joy of new babies being born- even three at a time! This year all of my parents (in-laws too) moved into new homes to start new adventures! I shared in Molly's first time to sit up, first tooth, first real meal, first word, first step and survival of first illness. I was there for it all! This year, my dad turned 50 years old and my brother came home from his first time away. I am so thankful for all of these happy moments in my life.

I think that what I am most thankful though is for my change in perspective. This is the first time in my life when I have truly seen the world in a new light. At least, my own little life events. This year, I just feel so much more in touch with special moments in my life. 2006-2007, was a big struggle for my little family financially. We had numerous medical bills and the expenses of a new baby... needlesstosay; it has been very hard and stressful. Looking back, I am thankful that I have had my best friend by my side to help me find laughter in the midst of stress. I now feel like I know that it is possible to be so rich in love even though you may be so poor in income. I have always been a huge people person. Going out around Dallas with friends has always been a joy of mine. When you are the first of your friends to have a baby, it can sometimes be hard to explain why you can't make weekly happy hour or late nights at a new restaurant in Uptown. How much I have treasured weekends spent with family dinners, movie rentals and an occasional date with my husband. It is such a great new perspective to discover the joy of being home.

This past year, I have changed my perspective on love. The love that I have for Molly is different than any other kind of love I have ever known. I sometimes just wake up in the night and go check on her just because I love to watch her sleep. I am always obsessing over coughs and going to to research more on Molly's milestones. I really could talk about her all day. I will go in late to work just so that I can be the last person to say goodbye to her and the first one to greet her at the end of the day. I love that I could spend hours watching Kelly play with Molly. Seeing your husband as a father is such an amazing gift. I am thankful for the gaining the perspective of a parent. I truly believe that it has made me a better Julie.

So, as this Christmas holiday approaches I find myself looking forward to all the new and change that the season will bring. It definitely has been a great time of giving thanks!

Molly making pumpkin pie with Mommy

Granny and Molly

Daddy and tired Molly

Cousin Love

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