Monday, November 19, 2007

The force was too strong

Oh Lego Luke, how strong and brave you are. You look so mighty with your lightsaber and stylish black attire...did I mention that you also look seriously....delicious...

That is right. Yesterday my daughter was so taken with Lego Luke that she ate his lightsaber for a snack. Well, allegedly feasted on it-the only one to witness the feast was my four year old niece who was so lost in play that she couldn't recall all the events that took place in Nonnie's kitchen.

So, after several conversations with some other people and the physician at my hospital- I feel a little more at peace. Time will tell. Let me tell you how much of a joy it was to try and break the language barrier to explain to Molly's teacher what a lightsaber was and where it will be coming out of Molly. Come on, Star Wars? I finally drew a picture and we were on the same least I think.

I don't know why I would expect anything less of Molly. After all, her mother used to eat doodle bugs by the handful and her dad still to this day will dig food that I deemed stale out of the trash and eat it. Yikes! Molly may not have the genes for fine dining!
So as you are deciding what to make for you special thanksgiving dish- consider Luke- he even comes standard with a lightsaber tooth pick.

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Anonymous said...

Is that "A New Hope" Lego Luke or "Empire Strikes Back" Lego Luke?? And has the lightsaber's fantastic voyage come to an end??