Thursday, November 29, 2007

The first unofficial trim

Tonight had to be the night. I am calling this Molly's unofficial hair trim because her first real haircut belongs to Miss Hadley Anderson. I was really trying to hold out for Hadley but today crossed the line.

Tonight was about day #130 of food in the hair. Molly's classmates at school consistently remove her of her bow resulting in more food in her hair and thus hair in her eyes. Not so great a combination. So tonight I decided to trim. You see, I figured that you really can't go too wrong with curls. One snip here and there- really it all just bounces back. My main goal was just to eliminate excess fluff. Jenna, please correct me if I am underestimating the power of curls.

So I had figured that Molly would be a little guarded and attached to her hair-maybe even a little sad to see it leave...

Nope! Not sad at all. I think that she was most excited about running around the house half naked...
So I cut her hair and then we washed it. I know, a little backwards...oh well. We will leave the quality job for Hadley and just see what awaits us in the morning.
*I would have posted a picture of Molly's little bag of hair- but as Kelly confirmed- it sort of could be mistaken for some other type of hair. Yikes!
Day after pictures to come.

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