Friday, February 26, 2010

Just you and me, kid

Molly and Gabriel have always had their baby well-checks on the same day because they are almost exactly 18 months apart (18 months and 6 days, technically). While having the doctor appointments knocked out in one day has always been very practical it has also been consistently um, chaotic? Let's just go with that.

Well, now both my children are on yearly schedules. WHOOHOO. This meant that yesterday was Gabriel's first visit to Dr. Sue without his Molly to distract him from those yucky vaccines. And while she can be a great distraction, the tiny room can quickly become a little... loud? Yeah, let's go with that too.

Loud until yesterday. Gabe's doctor appointment was great. It was calm and easy and I even had time to shamefully fill out his ages and stages questionnaire last minute in the waiting room while he played. He sat naked in the back room on my lap reading Diego with me and there was quite a bit of singing with Mommy. I like our special dates---even if they take place at the doctor. Gabriel was in the best little mood and handled the vaccines like a champ---well, he was rather miffed about the bandaids. Why is it that is the worst part?

Here are his stats:

Weight: 30.4 lbs - 75%
Height: 35 in. - 65%
Head: 19.5 - 75%

Short, stocky with a big brain. Yep, sounds like our Gabey (and a bit like Daddy too...)

Hooray for great appointments and here's hoping we won't have to go back until NEXT year. Wouldn't that be nice?

His newest trick is using the big boy potty every night with success!! He's becoming such a big boy...

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