Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Exhibitionist

It seems that our little Gabey has developed quite an affinity for naked time. He has decided that daytime, nighttime, lunch time or playtime all really equate to the same thing---- naked time.

Last week Gabriel learned how to undo zippers. For Gabe this has apparently been a LONG awaited skill. Tuesday night at around 9:45 pm we heard little giggles coming from behind Gabe's door. Never a good sign. Sure enough, we open the door and see this little naked man hanging out in bed...

What this picture does not portray is that he has unzipped his footy pajamas, taken them off, tossed it aside and also removed his diaper which he precariously placed over his weenis for a quick little picture. Smart boy... naked and yet still keepin' them guessin'.

My favorite part was when I asked, "Gabey, why did you take your clothes off..." to which he quickly replied, "HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA" in a very deep growl.

I mean seriously, how can you keep a straight face with a response like that? We definitely didn't. Never thought I would have to say to Gabey this morning, "No Gabe, you cannot eat your fruitloops naked. It is too cold."

My little budding exhibitionist--- watch out world!

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Mary Anne said...

How funny!! What a very useful skill Gabe has picked up - who knew undoing zippers could be so much fun!