Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas Eve?


Our weatherman was pretty adamant that the snow would not make a grand appearance until this afternoon. But, the snow had other plans...

That is right. We once again woke up to a winter wonderland (a little over an inch right now with a couple more this afternoon) to which Molly asked me if it was Christmas Eve again. Our Molly has her own concept of time and one heck of a memory!

Mays heart snow. They were pumped.

I can tell that we have now become used to winter weather (it has been a cold winter, no?). The major indication that we have acclimated to tundra Dallas is that Molly's school was not cancelled today. So we braved the cold, made it to school and she is now having her Valentine's Day Party at school. She will still get a chance to play in the snow this afternoon after school. Everyone wins... and there is a Daddy/Kids date in the works for tomorrow. Looking out to be a great weekend!

Stay warm!

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