Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you one too?

So I ask you. If you received an urgent collect call from the Lew Sterrett Justice Center at 9:50 on a Thursday night would you accept charges?...after all the caller did sort of muffle his name, could it have been a family member that made a little mistake and was calling for my help? And if that person did in fact plea for your help after he "called the wrong number" wouldn't you help him in reaching his significant other so that she could come up and pick up his daughter from the police station - after all it wasn't her fault that her daddy forgot to pay off some traffic violations. She just needed to get home and get to bed. And would you go so far as to try to call the mother at work and feel so guilty that you were unable to reach her because "Mr. Jailbird" gave you the wrong number?...after all, what number starts with a *72 anyway. Rrrriiigggghhhhtttt.....

Yes, that is true. You are now reading the blog of the biggest SUCKER in the world. Sweet- yep... colorful- yep...desired-mmm maybe...but definitely a SUCKER. And once I realized I had been had it was such a sad moment. Because it was one of the few times that I was truly disappointed in the person that I am. I am soft hearted. I let my emotions cloud my logic and reasoning. I believe that there is a little bit of good in all of us. I would give everything of myself to help someone if I could... that is me. And before today, I never really saw these character traits as a weakness. But they sure can be in a world of predators...I am like the easiest steak dinner ever!

I think what makes me even sadder is that our world doesn't allow for kindness very easily. Someone with "car trouble" on the side of the road could really be the next mass murderer. You can't just pull over and render aid. I am sad that I have to teach my Molly and Gabriel to be cautious first when offering their help to someone. What has our world become? And who knows, maybe I should have realized this a LONG time ago... but I didn't and I am saddened today by my recent discovery- believe me, I have the empty bag of DOVES to prove it. Because it is moments like today when I am reminded that kindness towards strangers, tenderheartedness, and passionate reasoning might mean that you are a good person... or maybe it just means that you are a SUCKER too.

Watch out, this world might just try to eat you up!


Carole said...

oh Julie! That mean, mean man:( I'm so sorry! I love those qualities about you, though!

Anonymous said...

Julie, you can let a rotten apple change your view of the world. That man will get what he deserves, and you and your family will be blessed for your kindness.

You are kind, STRONG, and such a beutiful person! Don't change who you are. :-)

- Jenny C.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Julie :( You're not a sucker... you're teaching your kiddos to be good, caring people (even if other people are JERKS).

We had a few random collect calls from Lew Sterrett on our answering machine recently, too. Weird.