Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

So tell are you supposed to have the ability to write when the heat has sucked every creative juice right out of your person?

I don't know about you but Oregon is looking better and better by the minute. 9:00 and still 94 degrees. Tomorrow is a predicted to be another comfortable 103... joy.
I am not going to lie- this heat does not do pretty things for my personality. If you haven't heard from me there is probably a good chance that I am saving you from myself. Hot Julie is not comfy for anybody.
We have managed to venture out in to the caliente world but typically to some place indoors or around water. We had a blast celebrating my sister's 30th birthday (kiddie pools to cool off in!!!) and soaked up every minute we could with Uncle Jake who has now returned to Washington State to live in the land of cool again---lucky guy. I am sure that he feels differently though--- We miss you too Jake!

If only a freak cool front could just blow through and give us a taste of fall. Until then though you can look for the May brood poolside with a frosty beverage in hand trying to make the most of the weather.

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