Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grow Torso Grow

I have always said that 5' 7" is my dream height. All you 5-7ers out there... I am officially jealous of you.

While I am convinced that there are so many great things you are capable of doing at a 5-7, (like NEVER have to climb up the shelves of target shamefully to see if the pillowcases you want are in fact tucked behind EVERYTHING on the top shelf) I now realize that there is just one more specific focus to my 5-7 dream. I need a larger torso.

In dreamland, my 5-7 distribution cannot be in mostly in my legs. I need majority of it to be in my torso...at least for the next 5-8 years and then it can slowly disperse out to my legs. Come on' work with me here--- this is dreamland we are talking about.

Tonight I was holding my sack-of-a-potato love bug after he had woken up in the night (hooray teething). As I was rocking this big giant blob of boy that now takes up my arms awkwardly and whose toes were now digging into my mid thigh uncomfortably, I began to realize that this will not work for much longer. Either he needs to stop growing (which I don't look to happen) or I need to start because I am in no way about to give up snugglefest with one sweet Gabey. What if he is my only snuggler?He is so far. I just have to soak it up while I can.

So. Tonight I will be googling torso elongation surgery followed by a quick search for some torso mane n' tail or something... where would my life be without google? If you have a magic potion available...I'm all ears.

Grow Torso Grow!

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Casey Hosler said...

Hey, if you find some of that stuff, let me know... I will even go in half-sies if it's expensive!!!