Friday, February 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are home! It is amazing how when you are away from home you come to miss little things like the smell of your pillowcase or the feel of the towels at your house. It is always so nice to be home!

We are now a full fledged family unit. Mr. Gabriel is just the perfect little boy. I had worried (way more than I should have) that there would be no way that I could ever love a little baby like I love Molly... and then I met Gabe. I mean granted they often look like the same person minus a few key pieces but still... they each touch my heart in such different and wonderful ways! It is official...I am gushing with love.

Gabriel is our little snuggle bug. And although he is just brand new to us- he is already letting us know little things about him.

Meet Gabriel:

He likes: to cuddle! He could care less about the outside happenings...just hold him close and let him burrow! He loves his pacifier, finger, food source, lip- really anything that has to do with sucking...and he could do this all day long. His big sister hugs. Watching the mavs with Daddy.

He dislikes: being naked. No thank you! Try to take off his diaper and just hear his pathetic little snort when he is sad. He really was not so fond of the moment that his mommy accidentally snipped the tips of two of his fingers trying to cut his nails at 2:30 in the morning. Ouch! Gabriel wants to remain swaddled at ALL TIMES. Including diaper changing. He really is not so fond of the new shape of his Mr. Willy and really doesn't like to think about how it all took place.

He is our mellow, snugglesome little Pisces and we are so happy that he is finally here! I know that he is looking forward to meeting each of you!

Here are some pictures from the past couple days...don't worry! There will be plenty more to follow!

Meeting Gabriel

Hero of the day! Gabriel with Dr. Hays

We see you little chunky...

Sharing secrets with Daddy

Just born and already moving upstairs!

A few of all the incredible visitors...

Riding to the car! Happy go home day!

Comfy in the carseat!

Our acquired arm bands!

Finally, meeting Miss Molly!

So... we are at home... at peace... and a lot bit sleepy! Molly is doing much better... thank you all for your prayers with this! She just loves her little baby...she wants to hug and kiss on him all the time. She still is a little upset with the doctors for putting band-aids on her little brother.
We will keep the pictures coming... tomorrow is the first day at the doctor's office so we will definitely have updates! Visitors are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I keep having to remind myself that you had a baby 2days ago!! You look absolutely amazing Julie. You make it look so easy. :) I am so happy for your family. Love you guys!

Heather Anderson said...

Julie you are the woman that we all envy. Pretty after delivery, no sweat, just smiles. You have such a sweet little family! I can't wait to come hang out with Molly and Gabriel. Congrats!

Carole said...

He is too precious! I can't wait to get to know him more:)

Anonymous said...

julie you are my hero. you have the most beautiful family. i can't wait to meet the little guy!

Anonymous said...

You look amazaing and Gabe is super adorable. Congrats on the precious addition to your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Julie, only you could look so great only minutes after giving birth!! Gabriel is so adorable and I hope he'll be wearing his "Little Democrat" onesie on March 4th! Can't wait to see you guys soon.
Meagan :)

Julie said...

WOW! What a beautiful little boy! I am so happy for the May family! Congratulation!