Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Alive!

And the bad blogger award most definitely goes to... yours truly. And to make matters worse there will be no pictures in this post. I was going to draw a picture using the paint app but then decided that I might be the only that really gets a kick out of that. So... I PROMISE. Pictures tomorrow. In fact... I will even cue up the video camera and Molly/Gabriel will help me with a walking tour through our home. Forgive the boxes.

So. Let me catch you up. We are in Austin now. This is really funny to me because I have yet to see the capital yet. I know, this seems strange to me too. In fact, I have done nothing Austiny at all, yet. My day-to-day living encompasses cleaning, unpacking MILLIONS of boxes and breaking up the feuding Mays.... we'll get to that. My hamster wheel takes me back and forth between home and Target. I never thought this day would come but I am actually a little over Target now. HELL HAS NOT FROZEN OVER. I think that Target and I just need a little break from each other.

I love our house! The yard needs some serious intervention and the house was not quite up to my cleaning taste so I have been working on that. I LOVE the space though... it makes our old house feel teensy! When I showered in my own bathroom the other day I was so happy I almost cried. It is just that much bigger. So come visit me! We can house you and now when you go to the bathroom at my house you will not have Gabe and Molly banging on it requesting that they join you.

I did have one silly snafu with the law on Tuesday. I never thought that it was possible to get a "speeding" ticket going 25 miles in hour but apparently, where I thought I was going really slow while lost... I was actually going five over in a very poorly identified school zone. I really tried to flirt but I don't think that the cutey red convertible I was driving did very much to help me. So, first 12 hours in Austin and I was seeking defensive driving. I would have been mad but the whole situation was rather humorous and Mr. Police man was really nice... too bad Gabey wasn't in the car too because he would have been on cloud nine.

We have made a HUGE dint in unpacking. We are now several forts and tiny villages in but we are finally starting to look like a home. I definitely have to give a shout out to Gigi for corralling the kids the first couple days so I could really dive right in. I can't imagine the nightmare that would have occurred to have them home alone that first day. Secondly, to Angela who truly is the shelf paper placing, dish unpacking, bug killing hero of the year. My mom is coming Sat-Monday and I can't wait to jump into decorating! Can't wait!!!

Tonight was my first night of work at the hospital and it felt FANTASTIC! It was SOOOOOO nice to have a break from unpacking and be in an environment I LOVE! I think that this is going to be a GREAT fit for me! The kids got to meet their new babysitter, "Miss Rachael", tonight who also happens to be the president of the Texas Lassos this year! She seemed great and we really hope that we didn't scare her away...

Rosie George today had a dance in a GIANT mud puddle and she was shunned to the outside . Kelly just finished bathing her and she is about to come charging in...

Okay, back to my Texas may take the girl out of the city but can't take the city out of this girl.

Pictures to come soon!

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