Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrating in Dallas

This past weekend marked our first visit to Dallas as "non-locals". And while, it did feel a little strange to see the shell of what used to be our old home, the quality time we had visiting family was FANTASTIC. I think it is going to be a very exciting summer visiting with family and friends in Dallas.

The focus of this weekend was on celebrating a few of our VERY favorite people. On Saturday night we went out to celebrate one very special Papa John for Father's Day at the Roughrider game.

And while we were celebrating Papa, he definitely made the kiddos feel special with the immediate ice cream upon our arrival... Gabriel was in such heaven that he couldn't even look up to smile. Does anyone else notice how long his legs are getting???
I just can't say enough great things about this ballpark. Now don't get me wrong... my heart first and foremost goes to the Rangers but come on... a playscape? A pool? Unlimited hamburgers? This place really rocks! And, our kids really love to cheer along with the mascots. They are some high comedy.

It has been a long two weeks. Great cousin loving on all ends...
Molly did take a moment to help us keep score and MAN she was IN TO IT.

However, as soon as the DS made its appearance the "new game" had started. This is about how Kelly and I look when checking out a new app on our iphones...

Sunday, we celebrated another family favorite. Our gal, Avery, is now FOUR!! This means that I am just two months away from having a 4-year-old! EEK! I am so excited. I hear great things about 4.
Her princess cake was about the coolest thing ever.

Sunday was such quality best friend time

in a diva packed day.
Can't believe that we are tearing through June all ready which means that we are that much closer to VACATION... yay! So much celebrating to come this summer. Stay tuned!

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