Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date Night!

This past week Kelly and I celebrated our four year anniversary with an activity packed week! It is so nice to live so close to family and have them offer to babysit! It was a much needed well deserved week of fun! Unfortunately, Kelly and I get SO excited to have a night of adult conversation and time to us that we often times forget to take any pictures. The only night we really attempted the camera was game day!

After leaving the kids we headed off to the baseball game for dollar dog night. Great weather eh?

Right as we got off the shuttle in front of the ballpark a thundercloud let loose and drenched us...Kelly may be smiling here but he is battling his largest tactile nemesis in this picture- wet blue jeans. I advised him to put the poncho on in the car though...
We sort of knew that it was going to be a rain out but took advantage of the time to walk in a giant circle and visit, drink beers, eat hot dogs, and catch a few smooches while waiting for our garlic fries----we had to get the lovin' in before the garlic.

We had a great night of baseball atmosphere and a rainout date to look forward to in two weeks! Hooray Anniversary fun!
The rest of the week was spent with love lunches, movie nights, a wonderful gifted dinner at Terilli's and much more! We love our family so much and are so grateful for the time they spent with the kids so that we could focus a little on ourselves! Such a great week!


Theresa said...

Congrats, ya'll!
Ugh, wet blue jeans...I'm cringing at the thought!

Janet said...

Happy Anniversary to y'all!

Angela said...

I love the Lasso poncho you are sporting!