Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gabe's weekend

by Gabriel Joseph May.
This just might have been my most favorite weekend ever. Let me tell you all about it. You listening?
Here...let me adjust the camera. That better? Now on to my weekend featuring yours truly.

We went to Taste of Addison this weekend and just like last year I loved it! I mean really --- whats not to love? I had great food with Daddy. Mommy got him mid chew... that is a good one Mommy.

I got some great LOVE time with my favorite City Manager. One day he is going to let me in to the club of kings too... just like Daddy.

My Mommy and Daddy accidentally missed the news last night and so we were poorly dressed for the cool front that blew through during the festivities. Luckily some nice babe loaned me her pink jacket. I know that you MIGHT be thinking that I was a little embarrassed to wear pink. Are you kidding me? This jacket was like a chick magnet... babes like pink. Check out the hot blond lovin' on me here... just don't tell the man above that I am in love because while he is the best city manager ever...he is also her dad. We look good together though don't you think? I am pretty certain she loves me too.

These guys were cracking me up all night. I have NO idea who they are but I really wanted to be a part of their fun. I tried to wrestle with them and even sat on their blue blanket (pre-human roll-up). I want to be just like them when I grow up.

The rain managed to hold out till the very end. I rocked out to Bowling for Soup and strolled the Midway. Molly was really excited that she rode this flying elephant all by herself. I missed most of this because I was sort of dozing a little. It's tiring being me.

I woke up this morning to another celebration. Sheesh...I am just too busy these days. Today was all about loving on my Mommy. I am okay with that though...I tend to love on her everyday. Daddy celebrated with one of my Mommy's favorites! TROLLEY RIDES!

Apparently, it is a Daddy favorite too.

There are so many great trees to look at outside the Trolley window and no CAR SEAT to keep me from dancing.

My sister just might be the biggest trolley nut EVER.

I really love sunglasses. Mommy and Molly seem to get a little miffed though when I suck on their beloved eye wear. What's the big deal?

We then went to Grandmas but I was too busy having fun to take any pictures. I did have a nice luxurious bath tonight though. Daddy put bubbles in it! WHOO HOO! My mommy is treating herself to a bubble bath tonight too.

And if all of my friends love their mommies as much as I love mine I bet they had great weekends too.
I'll have to catch up with them on the playground this week!
Well time to is WAY past my bedtime!
Happy Mommy Day!

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HeatherBakes said...

Gabe looks good in pink!! And I love how he keeps his pacifier in at bathtime.

That photo of Molly hanging out the trolley window is classic.