Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aloha Myriah and Adam!

I have been saying that all this rain we have been getting is going to produce something tropical.

Well, today it did!

One of my best friends from college sent us a Hawaii love package today in the mail. She is stationed for a little longer in Hawaii with her husband Adam. Today was the best fun mail we have perhaps EVER received! It made our day...

Packages are the best! Check out their adorable new outfits!!!

*** Myrah, I was BLOWN away at how well you guessed Gabe's size! Molly's skirt is perfect with shorts underneath...apparently, Jasmine panties don't give her enough fluff.

Such a hula dancer.
I think Molly might still be sleeping with her "beautiful flower hair"
And Gabe---well all I can say is he is a boy that loves some accessories.
I mean who doesn't really. There is nothing better than a LEI to cover your Buddha belly.
Gabriel just might have a new tropical girl friend named Myriah. Watch out Adam, he is sending your wife his flirty smile...
Molly was SO in LOVE with her new book "Goodnight Hawaii". SO cute!!! I never even knew these books existed. Apparently, they have a Goodnight Moon World Series... so cool!
And yes, I might have tried to scarf all these magical chocolate treasures. Myriah, don't you know I have a dress to fit into next weekend?! These things are AMAZING!
*** pardon my tired look... it was a tiring day.
I would have taken a picture of Kelly but he was too busy clutching the Hawaiian coffee to even smile for the camera!
Mahalo Myriah and Adam! You are such incredible friends!

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Myriah said...

LOL! Your post made my day!! Miss and love you guys so much!! Love from Hawaii!