Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Today Kelly and I took Molly to see her first movie at the theater--- we saw "The Princess and the Frog". I LOVED IT. Can I please tell you that perhaps I was looking more forward to this movie than Molly. I just love me some Disney!

Here is my quick review on the movie: I LOVED how they have everything in New Orleans--- because as anyone who has been to New Orleans knows, this means that it is filled with great music (heavy jazz), some fantastic colors and those really fun accents... Seriously, GEAUX see it!

From a Mommy perspective, the villain is pretty stinkin' scary. Molly did great (as you will see...) but I think some of the villain subtext went a little over her head. She would have liked to see Tiana in a princess dress for a little more of the movie but she still laughed through the whole thing. You know--- cold and rainy in Dallas tomorrow... perfect day for a movie. Just perhaps when you go to see it you should decide to go to a movie theater that does not reside in a mall. We might have lost cool points for that and definitely added a little intensity to parking. We'll learn.

Molly was really in love with the ticket guy who was VERY excited that this was Molly's first movie.
She has been soooo pumped up about her OWN popcorn and "white coke" (Sprite) all week! I think that it tasted just as good as she imagined it would...
About halfway through the movie she perhaps got a tiny bit restless and settled for snugglebugging the rest of the movie--- no complaints here!
We give this movie TWO thumbs up!!!
Can I please take a moment to boast about my wonderful husband who was truly excited to go spend the day with his favorite girls watching a princess movie... such a great man---especially, since he laughed harder than we did :)
Seriously, go see it--- and don't feel embarrassed if you cry because only the really cool people cry at Disney movies...right?!?!?

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