Monday, July 5, 2010

The beautiful escape

Okay, so I am coming off of what might have been the most picture packed week ever and I have to honest here... I am in blogger overload. I have no idea where to begin. The truth of it is that the kids and I leave in three days for the beach so I know that if I fail to document all of this past week's happenings than there is NO way I will remember to once we get back from Florida. Because my husband does love me and enjoys my company somewhat, I am going to be blogging in microbursts... better for me, less reading for you. We all win.

Microburst #1: The beautiful escape.

This past week we ventured to Jasper, Arkansas (pop. 485!) in the Ozark Mountains to celebrate Grandma Miller's 75th birthday with all of Kelly's side of the family. We had a blast. I will tell you that I have never been to the Ozarks (to my knowledge) as I grew up visiting the beach most summers. I think it is safe to say that I might have been missing out all those years. It was beautiful!

We all stayed in this GIANT 8 bedroom/3 story house. We were so high up the mountain that we didn't have cell service (or Internet) except in the doorway of my bedroom where I managed to occasionally have two bars. It was rare. I have to say the lack of technology definitely opened more doorways for games/drinking while playing games/outside time with our family that live in different parts of the country.

We would love to go back!!! Anyone needing persuasion to visit Arkansas...give us a call!
Stay tuned for Microburst #2: Fun with the video camera


Leslie Dominie said...

julie!! we will be heading to pensacola beach friday morning...where are yall going??

Anonymous said...

Those pics are gorgeous!!! All I know of Arkansas are the awful highways... maybe we should actually check out the rest of the state sometime, lol.