Thursday, July 8, 2010

Microburst #3: Fun in Arkansas

So, my Mommy really started to lag on the whole blog thing... something about gearing up for some beach trip. No biggie, right? I got this. I was there. I know how it all went down. I can live to tell about it. So listen up...

You see me out there?

Arkansas was AWESOME. I loved it... I was so busy and never stopped to rest at all.

Okay, forget what you just saw. It was just one time and it meant nothing. Okay, so you caught me. Napping with Daddy might be my most favorite thing ever. What can I say... I have rockin' parents.

So Arkansas. Well... did you know that Arkansas has lots of trees? Especially in this place we went to called 'hiking the mountain'. Don't let this next picture fool you. It was incredible...and perhaps a teensy tiring. For some people.

We learned several very important things on this trip about my sister. For starters, she doesn't hike. She had a bunch to say about the bugs, needed to be carried at all times and took about 4 pictures of her shoes. They were fancy. Mom says that we are going to break her of her fragile ways with increased exposure to wilderness life. Whatever, mom... as long as I get to play outside.
The trails were nice and twisty. Molly was carried and my buddy Christian took a lift too. I was going strong...

Daddy just gave me a lift so I wouldn't feel left out. Honest. No tired boy here.

We also checked out these places called "water holes" in the Buffalo River. I loved skipping rocks with all my uncles.
One of my most favorite parts of the trip was my buddy, Christian. Did you know that he loves Lightening McQueen too? And Buzz? It was nice to have someone to play cars with instead of princess all day long. We had fun!

He is my tannest cousin of all.

The rest of time was spent in the cabin playing games, or making art, or eating... or playing in the backyard.

Daddy taught me all about these wonderful things you eat called Smores. They let ME near the fire to cook my own. Can you believe it?!?! Vacation mom and dad are a LOT cooler than normal Mom and Dad.

You stick the marshmallow in, set it on fire... let daddy wave it around a minute and then you EAT it...

It was delicious.

Molly needed a little help. Silly city mouse.

On the way home we stopped for lunch in this place called Hot Springs. Mommy and Daddy really love it here. I liked the stairs. Molly was starting to feel bad so we didn't stay too long.

Daddy liked this store a bunch and took like 3 pictures of it. I deleted two of them. Shh.

He didn't seem to notice.

Hooray vacation.

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