Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ariel, is that you?

Man, we are diggin' beach world these days. Easy, breezy winds with the occasional threat of storms on beautiful white sand. Happy town.

Today was a great beach day.

That's right ladies...single and local now... and he reads too :)

I think that the most important thing to note today was that we did in fact embark on the GREAT hunt tonight for our beloved friends, the mermaids. And while the magical beings were elusive to our quest for them and kept scarce... it was still fun. And we did find some "tracks". I will say this...kids screaming and laughing is wonderfully muffled by the ocean noise. If only I could transport that sound to home... my neighbors might thank me. It was bliss.
Hunting mermaids is the best. They were ready.

We might have gone a little too far and pushed the hunt a little to long. Molly might have retaliated and whacked her brother in the head with the flashlight. There might have been some scolding...followed by some tears... and it might have been a VERY easy to sleep night for the kids. It was still fun and know SO much more for next time's hunt.

Uncle Nick just arrived! Off to visit!

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