Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting wiser.

It is very nice to report that today has been much better. I decided to wise up a little and revert back to a constant truth that Kelly and I have learned in our few years of parenting... kids make the new schedule. By this I do not mean that our children dictate the adventures and events we seek but rather they more affect the manor and speed in which we do it. I wanted to keep up this trip and do things in a speed that perhaps was a little too late or a little too much for my duo. I am learning.

So tonight, when everyone left at 7:00 to head out to putt-putt (which is SO fun), the Mays did not participate. We instead ran to go and pick up a few souvenirs and come home for ice cream and a little bit of Disney. Life felt GREAT and still special for the kids. Now it is 9:15 and they are still not back. MAN did I make a right choice. Gabriel with a golf putter in hand at this hour would be like giving a weapon to a loony. Whew.

Tonight Gabriel and Molly drank out of their new cups where Gabe told me he really liked his "coffee". Good thing he can't read or he would see that his cup really reads Gabrielle with two scratched out letters. Hey, it works.

Tomorrow is last day at the beach. Too bad I can't transport this beach to Texas and just live there. That would be nice.


Rikki said...

I love learning from your learnings. :) I think you are amazing! I can't wait to see you guys soon... we are excited to head up to the new home!

Carole said...

that is hysterical that you bought a "gabrielle" cup. what a genius mommy you are!

Mary Anne said...

I am glad today was better! I can only imagine the often stress of being a "single" parent on vacation with Molly and Gabe - I hate doing it myself with just Jude!