Monday, July 12, 2010

Shells, Sand and Tarballs

Today was a REAL beach day. We are starting to get it down now. A good deal of the day was spent with making castles today. Or sea shell looking. Or staring at the Hazmat team that randomly arrives, sets up camp, walks around looking for teensy sea shell shaped tarballs that are hard to locate. It was a good day.

Gabriel had big plans for sand castle building...well, I think he likes to handle the demolition part. He was going over his terms with Papa and agreed to save the demolition for the end of day... for our castle at least.

Major castle building.

I don't know that I had mentioned it on the ole' blog here but Gabriel has been having some issues with adjusting to the transitions in our life right now. It is a bit sad to see him get upset so easily, throw outrageous tantrums and be a little hard to handle at times.... all in part to the constant on-the-go traveling lifestyle we have been living for the past month. Missing his Daddy now doesn't seem to help either. It comes in waves. Unfortunately, yesterday felt like high tide here at the beach. But today, I started to see a glimpse of my sweet little boy again. I needed it.
Molly and Meggie have been learning all sorts of great things about the beach. Today they learned about currents.

After a full day at the beach we escaped to the outdoor mall to play. It was nice to just sit and watch the kids become exhausted... all while drinking fresh squeezed lemonade. Yum.

Shaved Ice after a long day at the beach? Um, yes please!

Can't wait for our adventures tomorrow when we go looking for "mermaids".

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