Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Science

It is funny how life can move full circle without you even realizing it. Even crazier is how much time can go by when you are busy starting your own little family.

This weekend was our first official birthday party in Austin. Our good friends have a son that is just three weeks older than Molly. He is the most sweet natured, wonderful little boy... would make the PERFECT boyfriend down the road (just sayin'). Molly and Colton hadn't seen each other in years. In fact, this was their last visit. Colton stole a kiss and then Molly returned back to Dallas. (How cute are these two. btw???)

And look at them today. I am BLOWN away at how quick we got to this age. It seems just a bit ago that we were in the above picture, not 3 years later. wow.
Colton had a very awesome Mad Science party which has Molly science crazed right now. She goes every where with her magnifying glass talking all about experiments and lightening. It is all very high tech.
Happy Birthday, Colton! We are so excited to have much smaller gaps between visits now!

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