Monday, July 19, 2010

Waterloo Ice House

Well, it is official now. We live in Austin. No more vacations or lengthy jaunts to other states... time to make a nice little life for us here. I have to tell you, I am a bit excited. I was rather happy to depart with my suitcase and wish it a nice month in the closet.

So, now that we live here, we are back to exploring and finding new favorites about this great city we call home. A "new" great find for us is Waterloo on 360. Now, I am going to be honest here. Nothing really significant about the food. Burgers, beer, you know the norm. For you Dallasites out there it will most likely become our new Ozonas...which we ate at far too often. Waterloo might have one upped Ozonas though in our book... which I never thought possible.

You see this, my friend? This is bliss.

Sit at your table. Drink you frosty beverage and watch your children play.
All the while soaking up the great view...

And what almost feels like a date with your best friend.
Waterloo. We will be back.

1 comment:

AllisonDickson said...

I. Love. Waterloo. Get the cheese fries next time...for me at least.