Friday, April 9, 2010

My Favorite

Tonight was my favorite. Well, I guess it might just suffice to say that spring is my favorite---especially a spring night like tonight where the air feels so refreshing and the barren world around me is almost spontaneously wrapped up in green. The sun stays awake longer and I can watch my children play outside, while having a glass of wine and laugh with my very best friend.

Um, yes please.

Throw in the fact that I actually created an incredible, EDIBLE, healthy dinner (Pesto Salmon!!!) that EVERYONE in my house devoured while dining on the back patio just makes the evening that much more a favorite.
Seriously, folks’ not a dismal task here--- have you seen my scars? To actually taste my improvement is contained bliss!

I mean, how can quality dinner conversation with this crazy group not make you smile?

My perfect "dessert round one" is to go on a family walk (ahem, with quality paper cup wine …) and just breathe a little outside. Apparently, twilight is when all the neighborhood cats come out to say hello as well… perhaps Rosie’s favorite moment to the day too. Of course "dessert round two" is actual dessert that will totally negate healthy dinner/post dinner walking--- but well worth the added calories. Besides, favorite Julie nights do NOT involve anything mathematical… like calorie counting or limits on wine and such.

More nights like tonight, please.

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