Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rosie's Favorite

So, I am going to change it up a little here on the good ole' blog and have separate posts about current favs of the members of our family because quite frankly, it is nice to have these memories to reference.

First of all, a definite family favorite is our sweet, Rosie George. What can I say... there just aren't enough posts about our Rosie girl and she is such a quirky dog that there really could be a million posts.

I know everyone loves their dogs (or at least they should) but we really do think that Rosie is the BEST dog for us. Yes, she is a CRAZY, untrained dog that prefers to be held like a baby (cute at 9 lbs but HEAVY at over 40) but she is ours and we love her! She has a freakish love of kid socks, her stuffed monkey that she sleeps with and Kleenex. She can never have enough Kleenex in her diet. She thinks that the cat really wants to play even though his body language says otherwise--- Rosie just won't settle for NO. She often sits on the picnic table to upset the squirrels.

Her real favorites are fluffy spots like the couch and Molly's bed. We are really working on it because let's face it--- she is a couch HOG and leaves us no room. So thus, Rosie has been booted off it for good. She apparently was too dainty for the floor so now she has a new favorite---

Her "pillow"...

This is what she does after Gabriel says, "Rosie! On your pillow!!!"
And then she gives you this look...

Sweetest dog ever. Well, except the days she runs off with all the socks :)

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Katy Ricken said...

Apparently it has been too long since I've seen Rosie George...she's a dog now, not a little puppy! WOW!