Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite Park in Dallas

Today the kids and I visited our favorite park in Dallas. I know that this statement alone carries so much weight because let's be honest here, there are some AMAZING parks in Dallas. We visit about 3 a day.

Also included in our top parks are Abbott Park, Caruth Park (Nonnie Park), Lake Highland's Rec Park (Avery's Park), Coffee Park, Merriman Parkway Park (fire truck park) and our most favorite...

You might be a little confused. A hospital? This was supposed to be about a park right?!?!

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital of Dallas is a hospital here focusing specifically on treatment of pediatric orthopedic conditions ... and best of all families can attend FOR FREE. This facility is incredible and as a patient for 16 years of my life, I can't begin to convey the special place it holds in my heart. It is very humbling to know that I can chase my children on the playground because of amazing medical intervention I received through Texas Scottish Rite.

What a playground!

What many don't know is that the playground is actually open to the public (another example of the Mason's community focused charity). It sits throughout the day in all sorts of shades and has BY FAR the best bathrooms I have ever seen at a park. What can I say--- this place feels like home. If you have a chance to check it out... you should!


(And yes, my children DO have a freakish love of statues... these pictures were totally candid.)

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Stewart Stuff said...

Love the statue pics. Crack me up!