Sunday, April 11, 2010

Milo's favorite

Mr. Milo Giovanni. The Eeyore of our bunch. My original roommate before all these invaders took over. Is it bad that I am fighting every urge to just list all the things that he does not like--- because it really is a very funny list. But I won't.

Our Milo is such a pretty cat... and OH how he loves being fancy.

Just kidding---He loathes it almost as much as the dog. But how could I resist including this picture?!

Milo really likes to keep it casual. You know nice and easy--- collar free. He spends his day sleeping in every room of the house ALL day long. He leads a tough life. Don't tell him but as he ages he is becoming quite a bit fluffier too... but don't we all?

I think that it would be safe to say that Milo's most favorite is natural lighting. This gato will sprawl out an any form of sunshine he can get... and if his presence can torture the crated dog or involve sprawling on your newly ironed clothing that is just bonus happiness.

He is definitely our most favorite little black (er, grey) raincloud around.

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