Friday, April 2, 2010

The Hunt

It was a day unlike any other. Gabriel and I waited under a shady tree nearby with heightened anticipation of the events yet to come. The day was finally here. While we sat fathoming all possibilities, we looked off to the horizon and just like that --- they appeared.

What they lacked in stature they made up for in speed. Their fluid pack-approached mirrored the riders in the tour de France however their passion and speed much rivaled Pamplona

Okay, so not really...but a pack of three and four years old approaching a field of eggs is a definite force to be reckoned with--they were on a hunt!

Thursday afternoon, Gabriel and I joined Molly and her classmates for their Easter Hunt/Party at school. There were enough eggs for about every child to get 15 eggs in their bucket (little brothers included!) I swear that my ears rang with war music watching this brood storm the hill towards the “hiding grounds”. While there was a limit to the number of eggs to find --- expecting a 3 year old preschool class to stop at the designated number was a bit far fetched and let’s be honest here--- in no way happened. The goal quickly became to cram as MANY eggs in to your basket as possible. Well, that was the goal for MOST of the kids. Gabriel caught on quickly and he was having the time of his life. I looked over to Molly and found a MUCH different picture.

There she was in her red ruby slippers, long bunny necklace and faux-fur basket (held like a purse) walking right past all these highly coveted eggs. My first thought was that she just didn’t get the object of the game. But after further imploring of my dainty diva I found that was not the case at all. The eggs that she passed were just not right for her. You see… they weren’t fancy enough. It seems that our Molly has rather refined taste in regards to her Easter eggs.

So while Molly’s friend sat next to her a in sugar-infused haze with a basket full of about 40 eggs, Molly lovingly clutched onto her proud little basket of 5 fancy eggs.

Forget the candy folks’ … one of the eggs had POLKA DOTS!!!

While there were clearly very different approaches to the hunt, it was a stellar party indeed and everyone left HAPPY!
Can't wait for Sunday!!!

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