Monday, April 5, 2010

One Hoppin' Holiday!

This Easter was hoppin' for sure and yet, it really felt like we were moving at our own speed. My kind of holiday for sure. Especially when there is a 2 hour nap squished right in the middle of it all.

Easter morning started a little early but we still managed to make it to church early. Mom, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!?! We were actually the first in the cry room. We were quickly joined by a million people including Jack and our new friends Peyton and Mallory!

So question here. About how much longer can I manage to have my children in matching clothes? I mean, seriously... it is sooo stinkin' cute! I really think if I had two girls I could get away with it a little longer. I don't know that Gabriel is going to put it up with it forever. SO sadly I will probably have to stop by the time they are teenagers.

I kid I kid.

I'll stop when they are tweens :)

"Seriously Mom. I have some trucks to play with."

Gabe quickly remembered his love of chocolate bunnies.

and then promptly went into a food coma.

Molly was too distracted with her Melody Barbie for some candy... she is in complete Heaven. No way the bunny could forget what she wanted... she told him at the mall and then repeatedly told us EVERY day for the past MONTH.

This is the first holiday ever in the history of my marriage that I am in more pictures than Kelly. Feels a little strange.

We had a yummy breakfast at Nonnie's house in which Molly preceded to empty all the puzzle pieces and flash cards in the closet. Poor Nonnie spent the morning in a Molly sized mess. (and unlike her actual size, it was a HUGE one!)

After we trashed the inside we took to the outdoors! True Easter love right here.

This Easter was also part birthday celebration of a Haji, Aubrey and a Valda. I mean why wouldn't you add a little cake to a sugar infested day?! Makes sense to me. After all, we had some great resting options post sugar high...

and awesome snuggle buddies...

Both of our kiddos were really into the hunt this year. Molly's ballet lessons really served her well.

All Haji wanted for his special day was for the kids to enjoy an Easter egg hunt. Does this not tell you how incredible a grandfather he is?! Haji explained to the kids all about Cascarones...

Molly was initially nervous about breaking them on Uncle Jeff's head...

so she settled for her easy go-to target. The sitting duck.
Confetti was EVERYWHERE. What a day of celebrations! Now, if only the weekend could have lasted one more day...


Max said...

Umm...Cascarone is one of my MOST favorite spanish words!! Haha!

Love you!

theseemanfamily said...

Those outfits are absolutely adorable!! You sure have some cute kids! :)

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