Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Look who is now two weeks old!!! My goodness, maybe it is the sleep deprivation or perhaps just the constant busy life with our little Mays but---- those two weeks sure did come and go really quickly.

I have to say, Lucy is the PERFECT fit for our little family. Isn't her chubby face the best?!

Lucy had her two week check up today. Our doctor was REALLY impressed with her weight gain. The goal was to regain her birth weight (7lb 15oz) and she was a healthy 8lb 12 oz. Wowzers. Our little lady loves to eat! To give you an idea, Gabriel was 8.6 at his 2 week check up and Molly was 8.1. Lucy continues to be the most mellow little baby ever. It seems the louder the house the deeper she snoozes. She lived in quite the noisy environment for the first 9 months which I am sure has helped. Her bili levels were great and she has been given a clean bill of health! Our pedi is scheduling a ultrasound to check off her hips in 2 weeks based on my history of CHD... but it is felt that her hips are great! So fun to look at her and see little traits of her siblings in her looks and personality. 

Two weeks in and we couldn't be more excited to have Lucy here!

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sarah said...

Looove those chub cheeks!!