Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday was my first day home with our terrific threesome. Lucy decided to challenge me a little and gifted me with a mere 45 minutes of sleep the night before. Thank you, Lucy. Strange enough, I woke up and we had a GREAT first day home with Mommy. Thank you, coffee.

We are FINALLY seeing our old lovable May children again. Molly has rediscovered her listening ears and has returned to the sweet girl that we know and love... with a side of sauciness for good measure.

And Gabriel did not pee in the kitchen, sleep in the wall, sleep under his bed and act out in CRAZY daredevil stunts. He returned to the silly boy that keeps us laughing all day.

And while I know we will continue to have not so wonderful days to come and moments where I feel completely outnumbered--- I will take days like today and savor the joy that it had to offer.

Bunches of joy.

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sarah said...

youre such a good momma Julie!!!