Thursday, April 3, 2008

6 weeks already!

Our Little Man is getting so big so fast! I cannot believe that we are already at 6 weeks! Where does the time go? Things have been going great!

Mr. Gabriel still continues to be the most granola baby in the entire world- cross your fingers this stays!!! We are at the age where fussiness is supposed to peak. So far, maybe a little tear here and there but that is it! We will take it! Two weeks ago- Gabriel started in with the smiles. They were really hit or miss and you were lucky to recieve one a day...Now, everytime he makes eye contact with you he gives you this giant open mouth grin! We love makes night time feeds a little difficult because you want to just kiss him back and talk to him- but alas, this would wake him up... nothing beats those morning smiles though! I tried really hard to get Gabe to smile for the camera. The first one is great but then I had the camera off centered. The second is a start of a smile...SO CUTE!

I don't know why Gabe looks so greasy in this picture...I promise I bathe my children!

Things at home have been so fun! We are finally getting settled...we still have a bunch of weekend projects and trips to Home Depot but our home is now very livable... Molly loves her room and had finally decided that Gabriel's room is his...before you would say, "Molly show us your room" and she would take you to Gabe's room first and then hers... our little queen of the castle.

Today, we played outside for 2 hours! I just love our backyard! We tried some tummy time with Gabe but he just loves tummy time so much that he goes to sleep. My little boy is a tummy sleeper...stinky just keep Gabe from having the world's best sleep!

Our mailman finally realized that we have moved...sweet confused old man! So, if you have sent us a package or mail, we are just getting it! Molly has loved all the fun mail- she tries out Gabe's gifts and her own. Today, we received a package from the Peek family. Molly just loves the bows that Julie Peek makes!!! When the package arrived- she started jumping up and down yelling "Bow, Bow, Bow" She then preceded to have me put them all in her hair. If you like adorable affordable bows, you should check out her website.

Molly also loved her Ballerina Zoe from Aunt you know my daughter or what?!?!

Hope that you all had a Happy Thursday...we sure did!


Heather Anderson said...

Wow, he started smiling so quick. That is wonderful to watch their little faces light up. Love the bows!!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about this picture is her pink bows, shirt, stroller, baby, and toes!!! I LOVE THE TOES!!