Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Molly's Seven.

Seven years, sweet girl.

SEVEN years.

There are very few ages in this lifetime that I have earmarked as bigtime ... and while, I gasp at the idea of my baby in one of them... here we are. All beautiful seven years of you.

I love now. In fact, this might have been my favorite year ever with you! When I think of all the wonderful years yet to come, my heart wants to waltz. You are the girl that my inner little self would have wanted to be best friends with. You're quiet and yet silly in your space. You feel the world the best when you are writing. Goodness, do I ever know what that's like. You prefer a book to just about any form of play and have the craziest obsession with robotic stuffed animals. Molly May, you are leaving the most precious fancy footprint on this lifetime.

Cruising through pictures this year, I realized that I had far less of you alone than in years past. I am in no way surprised by this. Those loud and silly siblings are such camera hogs... and yet almost always, they are holding on to you in some way sharing your space. You are the solidarity in their world. To be in the light of you is such a beautiful glow. Who can blame them?

This year was full of new. We went camping with family and even took our first big girl only trip. You swam the entire length of a pool, had your first pedicure, rode your first "rollercoaster",ate your first sushi and bravely leapt  into freezing cold 14 feet water before all your friends. You caught tons of jellyfish, made a true bullseye, had your first real crush and were visited for first time by the tooth fairy. Holy Moly... you are keeping her so busy these days.

You are still a teeny but so mighty in spirit.

I love you, big girl. Here's to number 7--- I think it's going to sparkle.


Molly's 7! from Julie May on Vimeo.

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Noelle said...

Oh how I love this sweet post, and your sweet Molly!