Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I am a big fan of good luck.

Spiritually, I believe that there is such a beautiful timing in the way that life can unfold. While a large contributor to my own story, I know without conviction that I am not the sole author. With that said, I hold close that there is very little mutual exclusivity in this lifetime. Quite frankly, I like the overlap.

As for luck... I welcome all forms of it. Apparently, so does my son.

Gabriel's first day of school was met with nothing short of abundant joy. No fear, no angst over his end to summer... just pure, unbridled joyfulness. It had been a long two year wait. He was ready.

We set out that first morning of school on a family walk. We were immediately met at the curb by another new family on their way to school with their little kindergartner in tow too. Gabe and his new buddy hit it right off and at one point, were literally hand-in-hand, embarking on their new adventure as schoolers. It was magical.

Quite possibly, my most favorite trait about Gabriel is the transparency in which he lives his daily life. He is a canvas of all emotions, just hanging out there for the world to see. Coupled with his action-based living is his blatant honesty. The kid can not lie... even when it gets him in worse trouble.

We arrived at his school, dropped off his crazy-nervous sister in her classroom and made our way to Gabriel's first elementary school drop off. I was prepared for tears and possibly a need for extra hugs. I can promise you though, in NO way was I prepared for my sweet, big boy's gentle lean in and quiet whisper, "Oh, I ate a penny yesterday while you were at work but don't worry I didn't choke. I'm lucky. Bye."

"Bye. Wait. What?"

He might as well have worn a shirt that read, Welcome to kindergarten, Mom. I eat coins and such.

In follow-up, he had mentioned it the day before to Kelly which seemed far too outrageous for him to believe. Did he forget he was talking to Gabriel?! Regardless, the confirmation of said coin eating greeted us two beautiful days later with a once again joyful Gabe, yelling from behind a closed bathroom door,

"Oh... there it is!!! My lucky penny."

Lucky indeed.

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Sarah and Eric said...

Oh my gosh..... LOVE THIS!!! HAHAHA, so glad he didn't choke!