Friday, January 3, 2014

Science is for the birds.

So. I'm just going to come out with it.

This happened.

What's that? Shocked, confused, overwhelmed?? You are in some very good company, my friend. How about some fireworks with your ole' happy new year?

****DISCLAIMER: if you/significant other have had a vasectomy you may want to stop reading now. Seriously, stay in the happy place of oblivion. It's sunny, carefree and has a killer playlist. Still reading? Well. I warned you.

About a year ago, Kelly and I really decided that our family felt complete. I mean, have you met Lucy? She is quite an end-cap. So, last April we officially "sealed" the deal with a vasectomy. Check and check. Sort of.

I'll break it down for you Julie style... which really means... I-can't-draw-pictures-of-weiners-without-turning-into-a-giggly-13-yr-old-girl-so-why-bother. If you really want to learn about the procedure click here.

This is what we started with.

Just a Daddy Eagle with some eggs ready to start a happy birdie family. Sweet, no?

But then...

somebody went and chopped Daddy Eagle's legs off. (GASP!!) You know what happens.

Except in our case, I believe that something like this happened...

Yep. That's definitely what happened.

I will say in normal cases, it is something of an accomplishment being one of the few to beat science. However, in the world of vasectomy...I can't imagine it's a category one aspires to reach as a scalpel is sitting right on your down unders. Just guessin'.

But here we are...

Future sibling to "Belly", "Bellito" and "Bellini"----Meet "Beluga."

Late July/early August, there will be another little May to steal our hearts. We know this. We will love that part. It is just the space in-between that we are allowing for some transition time. For some reason that we can't explain, this baby is supposed to be ours. That part definitely does feel a little special. Other parts, feel a bit scary and overwhelming.

Here's to choosing light and love in 2014.

May party of 6... why not?

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