Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lucy's Three



Man. That might be the best cheezy face on the planet. No surprise at all that it belongs to you. You are a comedy genius, kid. Your siblings offer unique gifts that build our family... the calm, tender hugs, big thoughts on the world. But YOU. You make us laugh more than anyone else. Your silly, playful, spirit is such a joyful part of my everyday. 

Lucy for such a peanut, you sure are carving out one fearless and adventuresome path for yourself. Every day, you remind us that it is possible to experience EVERY range of emotion within 30 minutes, that conversation is best if conveyed only in song and that you are capable of doing absolutely way more than we give you credit for. Thank you, for reminding me of your independence all the time. Oh, to just have an ounce of your confidence...

You are such a beautiful light in our family. Despite being our youngest, you are the one that most helps Molly feel brave and Gabriel find his silliness. Tiniest body, loudest voice. It figures.

There are so many days that I really believe you possess some form of fairy magic. The love that you show towards "Beluga"  with daily tummy rubs and belly story time have helped my heart in more ways than you will ever know. You are my old soul with so many great ways to express yourself. Your endless vocabulary continues to astound me.

It has been such a present to have just Mommy and Lucy time this year. What an adventure we will have next year with you as the big sister at home. Honestly, I can't wait. 

Happy Birthday, Lulu! We sure do love you.


Lucy is THREE! from Julie May on Vimeo.

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