Tuesday, May 27, 2014



I will not pretend that the addition to our family was initially greeted with the happiest of feelings by yours truly. That's the thing with surprises... sometimes, it can really knock you off your feet. Lucky for us, life is chalk full of them.

It is funny the reactions we have received when we people learn that we are choosing to not know the gender of our newest babe until birth day. I think the responses have typically ranged somewhere between "You're crazy and Man, I would NEVER do that." It makes me smile. You see, we actually did find out the gender with Lucy... a little late in the game, but we knew about our little lady several full weeks before her big debut. And you know what? It was wonderful.

We completely understand the excitement and planning that can come in to play with knowing a little bit about the tiny wonder you are about to meet face to face. The funny thing is though--- that same excitement and planning---it is was there with Molly and Gabriel too--- even though we didn't know the genders.

Here's my take on it. Life really is full of surprises... and unfortunately, there just aren't enough of them that evoke magic and laughter. A job loss, unbalanced bank account, unplanned illness... we've all experienced something of the sort. While, there are some beautiful new changes that often emerge through these hard surprises, it really isn't something one goes looking for. But if presented with the moment...why not seek one of the few opportunities to enjoy one of the best kinds of life surprises? Give up that control and just take some time to soak up the most exciting part--- you are growing this tiny special that will forever be yours. There's so much magical in that one little concept for me.

All  that extra anticipation that comes with the unknown...

30 week baby face

 Why... that's just icing on the cake. Here's to the homestretch.


Mary Anne said...

When is your due date? I love the gender surprise, can't wait to hear if your newest one is a boy or girl!!

Sarah and Eric said...

You look fabulous! I cannot wait to see that sweet baby! You make 'em precious regardless of gender!!