Thursday, July 30, 2015

Engagement Pictures

My youngest brother is getting married in April 2016. Weddings are so very wonderful and one that gifts you another sister is extra magical.

My brother called a couple months ago and asked if I would take their engagement pictures for them. After repeating a couple times "remember I'm not a professional photographer", I bit the bullet and agreed to do them.

I immediately texted my guru, photog friend, Katie... promptly stole her lens and had an afternoon of intense practice in manual mode with one of my favorite subjects.

Unedited and still beautiful. Eased my nervous heart.

While they are still far from professional... these two beauties' love did all the work for me. Such an honor to bear witness to a sweet moment in their day.

Here's a glimpse...

Some people get to have this be their JOBS. Lucky.


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stevenjared0853 said...

That’s so lovely!! I am glad to know that you captured their engagement photographs. You did wonderful work and no one can say that you are not a professional photographer. My sister is a professional photographer and she is going to cover our engagement party at the best party space rentals in Brooklyn.