Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday Facts

 Birthday Stats
Height- 26.5 inches (less than 1%)
Weight- 15.5 lbs (2nd%)
Head- 44 cm (25th%)

The big birthday has now come and gone! Couldn't let the calendar year subside though without a final look at this action packed month!

Annie this month...

 you celebrated a national holiday with family, your first fireworks and ate some CORN.

A couple weeks later we were back in town for a day to celebrate your awesome, older cousin, Claire's, first birthday...

This was a great opportunity to practice cake. 

That very night we headed east to vacation for a week in Florida! Kid, you were made for beach living... just like your Mama.

Despite loads of sunscreen, hats, rashguards and abundant time under the umbrella, you still managed to get crazy tan.

and blonde!!! What a beach babe. That naked swimsuit is just about the cutest little thing on your tiny hiney.

Back in Austin, we were reunited with friends that have become our family!

Which was perfect timing to celebrate our ONE YEAR OLD!

For our party-non-party... we sure had some delicious cupcakes!!


Annie's BIRTHDAY facts

Sleep patterns: You now sleep all night from 8p-8:30a in your bed, on your tummy always, in your Lorenz brace.

Drinking: We are just in the process of weaning and now you will take a cup all by yourself, all day.

Eating: Your favorite foods are spaghetti, bananas, watermelon and ICE CREAM.

Mood: You are the happiest, smiley, kid we know. Seriously. With that said... if some touches your ice cream, you can throw some serious shade... and later lose it if they keep said ice cream.

I heart ice cream cones.

Don't even think about taking it or I'll cut you.

Specials: Annie still loves to sleep with her beloved blankets gifted by Aunt Lauren Wallace. She also loves her baby doll: "Baby Stella" and will now crawl around chanting "baby" "stella" until she finds it.

Tricks: Claps, blows kisses, waves, says "mama", "Dada", "baby", "Ball", "bye bye", "hi", "momo" (Molly), "bro bro" (Gabe) and "lala" (Lucy). She can crawl, pull to a stand and is just starting to cruise a little on furniture.

Uniquely you: Annie is a frequent bathtub pooer. Hopefully this is short-lived.

What a year, Annie May! We sure do love you!

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