Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sweet Sixteen.

Molly Grace.

I couldn't begin to tell you all the ways I thought it would look at sixteen. All the days and months and years that at times crawled like an eternity have now in a blink, transformed to the reality of just two more birthday videos left. How am I still so caught off guard? Fast AND slow all at once. Sixteen tiptoed in like a ninja while I kept watch to greet her at the door. 

Welp! You have officially run out of fingers for birthday pictures now. We have now almost reached the  milestones that seemed downright otherworldly at the time they placed beautiful, curly-cued you in the hands of these completely smitten, newborn parents. Those same parents that are "barely older" yet, somehow find themselves in the hallway guiding you through the last little doors towards your adulthood. 

Could we just walk slowly for old times sake? 

Sixteen years of this parenting gig. Most days, I still feel as if we are winging it, wrapping it up with love and praying for the best. What started with you in my arms sneakily moved to you on my hip... clutched in my side... freeze tagging to here... skipping right there...biking around the bend...driving over the hill... and now finds me chasing behind often to be willfully shrugged off because "Geez Mom, I've got this."... in the but-you-also-kinda-don't-but-you-almost-sort-of-do weirdy way. 

Such gorgeous blooms bursting into fruition, sweet girl...

Blooming through a lattice of thorns at times, but I'm choosing to hold close the growth and let the stings soothe and heal like surface wounds do with time.

Truth bomb, tho? I didn't love this year, bud. 

For you... for us. Year fifteen carried a heaviness and I wish some days, we could write it all backwards and put some ease where the weary settled in too close. If only life worked that way. Together, we have treaded through the muck of heartbreak, dishonesty, responsibility and stretching of boundaries. This year found us demanding integrity, fighting hard to live transparent, authentically showing up as a family that leans into the difficult growth despite those thorny patches... doing hard... important work. I am proud of us for seeking the tools, listening to understand and gifting amazing grace. Day in and out. 

The sweetness of sixteen, Sister. Sweetness that can only be housing all that space for new blooms. 

There is no one person that deserves it more. Dad and I are your biggest fans. On all days. In all choices. Through all kinds of weather. We always see your rainbow... so grateful that you are learning to see it too.

A sweeter year to come, I know it.  



Kalee Criner said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweet girl. These videos always have me crying. I love you Molly! Happy birthday ❤️

Anonymous said...

Just awesome!!! Ima fan of your writing and a fan of your kids!!!! Sweet Molly cannot possibly be 16!!!!!