Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Magic Number

Today I learned that the magic age for a child just might be 4 years old! At least after today---4 sure seems pretty awesome.

Molly might have inherited a little bit of bossiness from a lovely and important member of the family. Miss Bossy is known to show herself in full form when she is playing anywhere with other children...unless you are a baby. Then you are of no threat and the wonderful recipient of oober Molly love. Lucky babies.

Unfortunately, if you are in her age range you are often not as lucky. "This is mine please", "I don't want to play with ______” and "Are you kidding me?" often rings clear on the playground. Molly loves other kids...she just likes to make sure they remember where they stand in regards to her play. Bossy-pants I tell you.

Oh, but then there was glorious, wonderful today.

Molly befriended a very lovely 4-year-old named Angel today at the park. Angel too was a fellow princess lover and passionate swingster of the playground. Instant friendship. But... because Angel was four she was over this whole possessive phase. She would initiate play themes and keep Molly involved with constant communication and some wonderful dramatic play. And Molly ATE IT UP! Man, she had the best time EVER at the park. She would run and play and I actually had moments where I sat with Gabriel on the bench and we shared a snack. No running to put out fires, no 2 minute interest in an activity but true continuous play for Molly. Yes please.

Gabe didn't know what to do with all this extra attention on the playground! I think he is wishing for more encounters with four year olds too.

I did have a favorite moment at the park in addition to the overall joy it brought. When Molly first met Angel they were at the top of the tallest slide and I couldn't hear what they were saying. They were talking up a storm together so I assumed that introductions were happening.

(In case you do not speak little girl: Introduction means you inform your new best friend of your name, age, current panty character and what kind of birthday party you are going to have)

Sure enough several minutes later, Angel slides down, turns around and yells: "Come on Jasmine ---chase me."

I guess some things are the same no matter whom you are playing with.

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