Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today was definitely not a good day to fall asleep with your house phones on silent. And the cell phone? Yep, that was on vibrate too. Good thing I have some amazing and persistent neighbors that know me so well that the figured they better call again... you know, in case Lu and I were daytime napping without the ringers on. And the lack of judgement on my ill gotten availability? Yep, it's the good love indeed.

Waking up to a cell message of, "Our neighborhood's on fire" does not leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. Let's suffice to say I kicked on the mighty wheels---even if my contacts were suctioned to my eyeballs. No amount of ragweed was stopping me. I had a house to pack. Wait-let me rephrase that. More like shove EVERYTHING in your car as quick as possible. Cat food on your floorboard? No biggie. It would get eaten by either Milo or Gabe. Thank goodness it was laundry day because those piled high hampers sure helped to speed up the process. This is probably the only time that I will be able to say a messy house helped something. I am continuing to find dirty socks in random places. The lamenting of my by-the-door crated cat just fueled me more. We were some Mays on the move!

Today was Plan A.

The best methods were not utilized, logic and reasoning never quite awoke from naptime and my cat has spent the evening pouting under our bed. Yet, because of some awesome firefighters that are working over time to keep us safe and an amazing network of neighbors that sent mass neighborhood emails faster than twitter, we may not need a Plan B. Sounds good to me. And thanks to today, I now know where my social security card is too.

Our Tuesday wasn't all crazy. In fact, it was even a little special. This morning Gabriel embarked on yet another year at his incredible preschool. He is in the "dino room" this year and couldn't be more excited! We celebrated this by roaring the entire way to school--- a whole 3 streets away.

It is amazing the difference a year can make. Look who even carried in all his stuff!

And little lu? We celebrated the morning with a Mommy and Lucy breakfast date at Mayfield Park. Pumpkin cream cheese is back at Einsteins... get excited. This morning was the fall weather I had been longing for. Long sleeves, baby legs, a great magazine and a peacock to keep us company.

Great morning to get us through an exhausting afternoon. If that's not living in balance, I don't know what is.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't imagine having to pack my house so quickly! But I at least made a list if Plano caught fire.
And I broke out the baby legs on Monday! I love them to death!!!