Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday Magic

There many things in this world of child rearing that we approach with the whole, "We'll do this better next time" way of thinking. No shame to it. Some things are just more or less a big ole' heap of trial and error. In the case of these two parenting Mays, we often tend to lean on the side of error, with the exception of one thing...

We Mays know how to celebrate a birthday.

You can keep your expensive invitations and elaborate party plans. We'll just stick to our favorite combination of sunshine and a whole lot of laughter.

Ya know? In this case, less really can be more.

And really? Why just leave all that celebrating up to one day? Sometimes, a practice round is just what you need to warm up to fun.

"Uh, why are you all staring at me and singing?"

Birthdays are full of magical moments. 

Like when your never-wears-a-watch Uncle Jake is actually the first one to the party. In fact, he even beat the birthday babe. Definitely, magic in the making and fully documented.

And those bunny cupcakes that didn't get squished in the car EVEN though a lawn chair landed on them. Magic.

It's all that birthday sunshine

Space to move

and treasures to find.

Add all that to the mix of fantastic company

and you'll find yourself just wrapped up in a sweet moment of love

 and a good deal of laughter.

It just don't get much better than that.

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Max said...

Oh my gosh!! That picture of Lauren and Lucy is MAGIC!! I LOOOOOVE IT! I am so glad to my beautiful assistant could be there in my place! She knows how to love those kids too! Happy Birthday, Little Lu!